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Treffers 251 t/m 300 van 19,736

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251 (Herodotus wrote that `Danae daughter of Acrisus' was ancestress of the Dorian Princes); poss. eponym of DANAIOI Danae of ARGOS (I85091)
252 (Iauan ibn Iaphet is shown as father of Dardan in ancient Briton source `Bya 33'); 4th son of Japhet; one of the Progenitors of Europe Javan (Jaran Iauan Juuan Juuin Japhan) (I84820)
253 (led tribes from Hijaz to Mar al-Zahran; this faction later conquered the Haram and occupied Mecca for a while) bin MUZAQIBA, Haritha Amr (I77653)
254 (Member of Parliament; Sheriff of Yorkshire) Constable, Robert (II; Sir; of Flamborough) (I85465)
255 (of CARLISLE; of WINLATON) Maldred (I79569)
256 (of WINCHESTER) de Quincy, Hawise (I21656)
257 (other queens include Sit-Hathor, Dedyet, Nefru-Sobek) Nefrutotenen (I85008)
258 (Pinchi's death without heir ended the 1st Lineage led to a new Exilarchic Dynasty of the 2nd Lineage, beginning with Ahija) Pinchi ben UVADA (43rd EXILARCH) (I83951)
259 (Rotheachta Roitheachtaigh Roitheachtach); 35th MONARCH of IRELAND Rothechtaid (II) MacROAN (I84498)
260 (some srcs, eg. St. Matthew, skip this generation and/or his father); aka Uzyah (Uzaryah) ben 'AMATZYAH; (a good King but branded with leprosy for sacrilege) huis van David, Uzzia (I5212)
261 (taken prisoner by Abdul Aziz, he fell in love with her, she became influential); (Egilon Egilena) Egilona of the VISIGOTHS (I85036)
262 (the source that shows this mother is the one that shows father as Rhoimetalkes) (Miss) HODBRODDSDATTER (I84226)
263 (WELF); `the Younger' van Brunswijk Luneburg, Wilhelm (I26367)
264 13th Baron de ROS; 1st Earl of RUTLAND; (inherited a claim to ENGLAND from his grandmother Princess Anne, but the claim wasn't pursued) Manners, Thomas (I38876)
265 14th PHARAOH of the 17th Dynasty of EGYPT; aka Seqenenre Ta'o Sekenenre Tao II (King) of THEBES (I84968)
266 15th PHARAOH of the 17th Dynasty of EGYPT Kamose (King) of THEBES (I84967)
267 1st Earl of Kent, Founding Knight of the Garter, Baron Wake Holland, Earl of Kent Thomas (I17917)
268 1st Earl of OXFORD; 2nd Great Chamberlain of England (and the 2nd Earl Oxford was the 3rd Great Chamberlain, and so on) de Vere, Alberic Aubrey (I17140)
269 1st Marquis of Winchester Paulet, William (I85438)
270 2nd Earl of March; Founding Knight of the Garter Mortimer, Earl of March II Roger Earl of March II (I20290)
271 2nd Laird of Glamis Lyon of Glamis, John (I22928)
272 34th MONARCH of IRELAND; aka Siorna Saogalach Sirna Sirsaeglach `the Long Lived' MacDIAN (I84576)
273 3rd of That Ilk John (Sir) (LAUMONT; LAMONT) LAMOND (I84657)
274 3rd/4th Earl of Dunbar & March DeDunbar, Gospatric (Cospatrick) III of DUNBAR (I85575)
275 4th UMAYYAD Caliph; progenitor (eponym) of the MARWANIDS ibn al Hakan ibn Abu al As ibn Ummayah, Marwan I (I77619)
276 5th Grandmaster of the Order of the Grail Aminadab (I85184)
277 6th Earl of Shrewsbury; Earl of Waterford; Earl Marshall Talbot, George (Knight of the Garter) (I85455)
278 6th King of the 18th Dynasty; (called ``the Napoleon of ancient Egypt'' for his vast conquests; battled the Hurrian/Mitanni; some think Homer's Iliad was based on Thutmose's capture of Joffa); aka Djehutymes III Thutmose (Tuthmosis) III `the Great' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT (I84958)
279 7th Grandmaster of the Order of the Grail Manael (Manuel Emanuel) the GRAIL-KING (I85190)
280 9th/10th Earl of ARUNDEL (5th FitzAlan Earl); 1st FitzAlan Earl of SURREY Fitz-Alan, Richard (I51444)
281 a spoil of war; poss. aka Genogen Ignoge (Innogen) of GREECE (I84804)
282 aka Aboth MacAOY Ethec (Ecthet) (I84552)
283 aka Adelheid(?) zu HOHENSTAUFEN; (Izyaslav's 1st wife) von SCHWABEN, Agnes (I85790)
284 aka Amir Muzeikya; aka Amr bin MUZAQIBA d'Arabia, Amir Muzeikya (I77657)
285 aka Ara MacIARA Aber (Abir) (I84554)
286 aka Art Imleach; 38th MONARCH of IRELAND Art (I) Inflig MacELLIM (I84495)
287 aka Aurthacht (Aurthach) MacABUITH Aurthack (I84551)
288 aka Bainb MacSEIM; poss. aka Bodb Boibus (Boib) (I84547)
289 aka Cairthenn Fionn Oge Mor Na MUNSTER; King of THOMOND Cairthenn (Catharfin) Find MacBLAIT (I84450)
290 aka Cas (Cedchaingnigh) Cead Caingniodh; King of MUNSTER Cas Cet Cumnech MacFAELDERGDOIT (I84502)
291 aka Cimburka PIAST; aka Zymburgis von MASOWIEN van Mazovie, Cymburga (I8622)
292 aka Connla Clamh MacTADG Condla MacTAIDG (I84610)
293 aka Cymryw (Kamber Kambre) ap BRWT (ap BRUTUS); Progenitor of Silurian Kings (in tradition); (eponym) Camber (Cymryw) (I6120)
294 aka Danylo King of Rus (KIEVAN RUS); aka Daniel de GALICIE; aka Danilo I van HALICZ; von GALIZIEN; (Prince) RURYKOWICZ; (forced into exile as infant but eventually inherited throne) Daniil (I; ROMANOVICH; King) of GALICIA (I85784)
295 aka Dearg (Prince) of MUNSTER Derg MacDERGTHENE (I84467)
296 aka Deirgthine (Diergheine); King of MUNSTER Dergthene MacENNA (I84468)
297 aka Donal of IRELAND; King of MIDE (Meath); 161st MONARCH of IRELAND Domnall (III) Midi MacMURCHAD (I84623)
298 aka Eithrial (Eitreol Ethrel); 11th MONARCH of IRELAND Ethrial MacIAREL FAITH of IRELAND (I84563)
299 aka Elli Molli Naghta; aka Eiliomh (Elim) Ollfhionach; 36th MONARCH of IRELAND Ellim (I) Ollfinsnechta MacROTHECHTAID (I84497)
300 aka Eochaid Buiglaig (Buaid); Achaius Beidhach; last King of the FIRBOLG; Ugaine's natural father: Ugaine's foster-father was 63rd Monarch, grandson of Argatmar MacSirlaim, q.v.; son Badhbhchadh reigned as MONARCH for just three hours Eochy Buadech MacDUACH (I84585)

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